Minister calls for commercialisation of developed research products

Ita Ewa, minister of Science and Technology on Monday directed all the agencies in the ministry that have developed products to devise strategies for their commercialisation.

Mr Ewa who spoke in Abuja during a briefing by agencies of the ministry said leaving the products on the shelves is inimical to development as they will not have visible impacts on the masses.

He said the strategy would include modalities for funding the process as well as plans for sustainability.

“I asked the agencies under me to have a strategy for commercialisation,” he said. “The products have to be well defined in terms of sustainability. Will they be accepted by the local communities and they have to source for the market and look for sponsors. Except we take technology within the reach of a common person in Nigeria, it will ever remain in self and that is what I would not like to continue.” Mr Ewa said already, the ministry is holding talks with some financial institutions on the possibility of providing required funds for the sector “We are collaborating with the Bank of Industries, the Central Bank of Nigeria and other bodies that will attract fund to these projects so they will be commercialised.” He said the vision of the ministry is to make Nigeria an acknowledged member of the scientifically and technologically developed nations of the world as technology, science and innovation remain the most veritable driver for achieving national transformation.

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