Are you an SMB in need of research funding?

Small to medium ICT businesses are being invited to apply for up to $50,000 in funding from the ACS Foundation (ACSF), which has just been recognised as an Eligible Research Organisation under the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research’s Enterprise Connect, Researchers in Business program.

As an Eligible Research Organisation, the ACSF will focus on software development projects and research for small to medium ICT companies.

When the Government established Enterprise Connect, one of its directives was to look at ways of increasing the research opportunities for SMBs and of bridging the gap between researchers and industry for the commercialisation of new processes, products and services. It also aimed to overcome some of the research funding hurdles for innovative SMBs across Australia.

Enterprise Connect, through its Researchers in Business (RiB) program, offers up to $50,000 funding for SMBs to assist with the resource costs of research.

As an Eligible Research Organisation, the ACSF is accorded the same status as Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) and Universities. The ACSF can now review and submit RiB applications for ICT companies, and facilitate the commercial arrangements between the enterprise and the researcher.

According to ACS Foundation ExecutiveDirector John Ridge, Enterprise Connect is “a true gem of a program.”

“The Government should be congratulated for this vision to increase the research capacity of Australian business structures and culture.”

“SMBs need to know this fantastic opportunity is sitting there waiting for their application. Interested ICT businesses, researchers and students can use the ACSF as a single point of access to this excellent initiative.”

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