Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy formulates processes and content that drives creation and delivery of digital content that are both useful to and usable by an organization’s social media community. Every individual organisation has its unique culture, business and its social media community perception, which requires a comprehensive strategy specifically tailored to create and shape content that incorporates influential elements to increase brand awareness. We create and execute a workflow of electronic publications, set up teams, technology, mechanisms, goals, analytics, and audience with the main focus to enable business objectives and priorities in Social Media environment.

Through experience, THIKA Venture Consulting has learned that providing content tailored to specific needs of our clients is a great challenge that we overcome by formulating strategies and advisory programmes. These guide organizations through processes that lead to transformation in embracing Social Media as a medium to communicate and to market their services/products and increase brand awareness.

We focus to understand our client’s strategic business goals and design a social media implementation strategy in order to bring together employees, departments and stakeholders into a collective initiative to align Business Vision and Social Media Strategies to effectively reach business objectives.