Looking for trusted content on how to create wealth from research commercialisation?

The web environment offers new ways to present information as well as enhancing it with other content sources based on semantic technologies, e.g., NextBio. In addition, many authors have been submitting extra value-added content associated with the research, such as audio and video files, datasets and other supplementary content, effectively accelerating research beyond the print format.

Commercialization of publicly funded research and the efforts of governments and universities to enhance these activities is a topic debated among international academics. Yet, in the current literature, there is no consensus about the meaning of research commercialization and technology transfer.

Research commercialisation Funnel

The main focus is to understand the issues that universities, as the catalyst institutions to evolving science, encounter in commercializing their research. Governments and the universities are seen as the main drivers in the development and improvement of research commercialization processes.

This blog is created to give an introduction to everything in regard to research commercialisation and to centralise and enable researchers to intelligently share their thoughts and their works in real-time. Here you will find an overview of Research Commercialisation as an engine of economic growth. There is little systematic understanding of organizational practices in the management of university Intellectual Property (IP). Hence the primary purpose of technology transfer and commercialization of research is for universities to assist their researchers in disseminating research results for the public good. The degree of success depends not only on the nature of the interface between the university and business, but also on the receptivity in the surrounding community. It also depends on the culture, organization and incentives within the universities themselves.

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