Research and Markets: Biogen Idec: Performance, Products, Pipeline and Potential

DUBLIN — Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Biogen Idec: Performance, Products, Pipeline and Potential” report to their offering.

Biogen Idec is a global research-based company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of novel therapeutics for human health care. Biogen Idec’s headquarters in Cambridge, MA, is strategically close to the renowned research institutions of Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Whitehead Institute, as well as Novartis’ new research HQ and scores of smaller biotech companies. From its headquarters and facilities across the globe, Biogen Idec’s marketed products reach patients in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Biogen Idec is gaining a reputation as one of the leading biotechnology innovators, particularly in the fields of cancer and immunology. Compared to the other ‘big pharma’ players it is still relatively small and its marketing organisation lacks scope and maturity. Traditionally, Biogen Idec has sought out partners to achieve its marketing goals and it has done particularly well from its agreement with Roche/Genentech for Rituxan.

The failure of the company to attract a takeover offer from the major pharmaceutical companies in 2007, means that Biogen Idec will remain an independent company for the time being. Potential bidders may have been put off by the escalating share price, or the risky bet on Biogen Idec and Elan’s multiple sclerosis drug, Tysabri, following its linking to a rare brain infection that could reduce the drug’s market potential. The successful re-launch and uptake of Tysabri may go some way to allay these fears.

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