UniQuest promotes UQ innovation at world water conventions

The University of Queensland’s (UQ) main research commercialisation company, UniQuest Pty Limited, will promote more than 20 “cleantech” innovations at two major international water industry events over the coming weeks.

UniQuest Commercialisation Manager Dr Paul Barrett is presenting at the annual Bluetech Forum in San Francisco this week.

He will return to Brisbane for the International Water Association’s Leading-Edge Conference on wastewater from 3–7 June.

UniQuest Managing Director David Henderson said both events would showcase the efforts of UQ researchers to address the global issues of energy, natural resources management, and environmental sustainability.

“Dr Barrett has been invited to participate on two panels at the Bluetech Forum, highlighting the interest that international industry partners are taking in our scientists’ multi-disciplinary approach to water and energy research,” Mr Henderson said.

“The agendas are appropriately titled ‘Biotechnology – The Next Tech Frontier for Water Treatment’ and ‘Innovation from three of the World’s Leading Water ‘Hubs’: Israel, the Netherlands, and Australia’.

“Both conferences also represent excellent opportunities for networking and distributing a special cleantech edition of UniQuest’s technology newsletter, The Deal Sheet,” Mr Henderson said.

UQ start-up Bilexys Pty Ltd will be featured, following its recent success in the international Imagine H2O awards program.

Other UQ projects that will be promoted include a low-cost solution for preventing sewer corrosion and odour (Cloevis); reversible surfactants for stabilising and breaking emulsions and foams (Pepfactants); and ceramic membranes for low energy desalination and salt recovery (Ceramipore).

UniQuest will also be showcasing Australian cleantech innovations at Singapore Water Week events in July and the Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference in New Orleans at the end of September.

Media enquiries: Leanne Wyvill +61 7 3365 4037 , 0409 767 199 or l.wyvill@uniquest.com.au

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